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Hi! My name is Vivian Soon
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


I came into E.Excel Elemente Skin Care products more than 7 years ago. Taking care of my skin is the #1 priority for me. For a long time, using so many other brands of products, I remember my skin became dehydrated. I even hardly know what is inside the cleansing tube, where most beautician will just shrug off by saying "it is made from natural ingredients" but what natural ingredients? And when I asked further, unsatisfactory answers were given. As age catching up I say to myself that "I got to know now" It is a breakthrough discovery like no other "Yes! this is what I am looking for" two precious ingredients patented by E.Excel International.

The miraculous powers of the Ginseng Berry & Cactus Fruits. And now, it is time to unveil the secret of good skin to the world - the Oxyginberry Complex!


The Elemente Cosmetics contain Oxyginberry Complex that is made from precious ingredients of nature to provide essential nutrients to the skin so everyone can have a healthy and beautiful skin.

ELEMENTE USA - The Face Of Visionary Beauty

Oxyginberry Complex is made from the extracts of precious ingredients: Ginseng Berry, Cactus Fruit, Cactus, Grape Seed Extract, Rose and Seaweed. Countless hours have been devoted to the development and formulation of Oxyginberry Complex.

Using state-of-the-art technology, and without destroying any of the nutrients, they are then thoroughly blended to the correct proportions.

The mixture is then repeatedly concentrated to provide skin with the ultimate nourishment and skin-enhancing benefits. With that, the wondrous powers of Nature have been converted into skincare miracle.

Together, these ingredients, packed with powerful antioxidants, nutrients and trace minerals, work in synergy to reduce the threat of free radicals and the visible signs of aging while promoting skin renewal. Day after day, skin stays hydrated and silky smooth, and radiates the glow and vibrancy of beautiful, healthy skin.

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Without doubt, healthy diet plays an important role to our health. Vegetables, fruits and meats from the last generation are healthier than present due to less usage of weed control, the pesticide, hormone injection and so on.

But time has changed and the foods we eat these days contain many kind of sugar of unknown chemical substances. Moreover, we are not educated enough of its harmful side effect.

Hence, dietary habit has become the modern human's health issue. Our health is like a depository, when we eat unhealthy foods, it could disturb our system and the body cannot function properly. When the depository becomes empty, various kinds of disease such as heart disease, cancer could appear.

Are We Truly Healthy?
No visible signs of illness does not equal to healthy
Human beings are constantly bombarded by a myriad of harmful substances daily; pollutants in the air and in water, metals, pesticides, food chemicals and preservatives, alcohol and caffeine. We may not suffer its effects immediately; but the consequences can be dire in the long run with the body experiencing a host of degenerative diseases such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, kidney problems and cancer.

All the nutrients a strong immune system require can be obtained from fresh and wholesome vegetables and herbal plants. These health-promoting nutrients include antioxidants, phytochemicals and polysaccharides.

The principles of Nutritional Immunology, choosing only wholesome plant-based nutrients to offer people across the world a more convenient opportunity to regain their health, so that while they are busily pursuing their dreams, they can still remain in top physical conditions.

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